Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Her Body, Our Babies!!!

An Irish couple who traveled to India to have children last year and navigated the ethical and legal dilemmas surrounding surrogacy, are to feature in a documentary on RTÉ television tonight.

Her Body Our Babies follows Fiona Whyte and her partner Seán Malone from their decision to try surrogacy to bringing home their babies Ruby and Donal to Miltown Malbay in West Clare.
Along the way, there is a glimpse of the Indian women who sign up to carry the children of wealthy western couples and the realities of surrogacy, including the abortion of one of the embryos, termed “foetal reduction” at the Indian clinic where the treatment is carried out.
The Irish legal limbo into which children of a surrogate mother are born is also highlighted. Both in their 50s and both with adult children from previous marriages, Ms Whyte and Mr Malone had spent €30,000 on unsuccessful fertility treatment prior to opting for surrogacy.