Sunday, June 8, 2014

From Australia: A Dream Come True!!!

 "We cannot believe we will have a new family member before this Christmas and it would be the most wonderful Christmas gift given in our life.

Before I started my IVF treatment at Corion Clinic, I thought that this is my last chance for me as after our all attempts had been unsuccessful. Then I was very anxious and not much confident to get good result.

However, once I stayed in contact with Dr. Kadam, Dr. Rajput and their wonderful team.

I felt that we may be able to make our dream come true because they have responded very professionally to any questions I made (I did so many! ), and their dedication was impressive. 
Thanks to Dr.Kadam and all their team! for helping us with achieving our dream"

"I am very looking forward to seeing you all at Clinic again for possible second child in near future!"

Best Regards,S & F from Australia