Sunday, June 1, 2014

From UK : Happy Parents !!!

Our thanks to this UK Couple for sharing their thoughts...

To all the staff at the Corion Clinic – Testimonial.

"We are UK citizens who embarked on surrogacy in Mumbai over two years ago and today as a result of the amazing Corion clinic and our wonderful surrogate, we have a four month old healthy son. Our near 10 year infertility journey has finally ended in happiness.

We embarked on surrogacy due to recurrent miscarriages and on advice. We chose India after watching a documentary on surrogacy in India. We were not in a position to consider a family friend or sibling as a surrogate, as such it was very important that a transparent relationship between the clinic, surrogate and ourselves was established. To us, the role of the clinic is crucial in a surrogacy arrangement as they not only oversee the all-important medical aspects of the baby’s development and ongoing health of the surrogate mother, but they need to assist in obtaining the necessary documents to comply with UK immigration and surrogacy legislation, which can be very burdensome.

We had investigated a number of clinics prior to choosing Corion. We were keen for the clinic and surrogate to be from a major developed city in India. Corion had received very good reviews, it was a new clinic and we had noted that Dr Kadam, Head Doctor, was a very experienced and leading fertility doctor. Once we had visited the clinic in Mumbai and met Dr Kadam, the staff and surrogates, we felt very comfortable. It is a small and friendly team and the clinic was of a high standard. Dr Kadam is herself warm and approachable and the clinic proved to be more ethical in comparison to other surrogate clinics.
Whilst it is always more challenging to manage such an emotional journey between two different countries, with communications relying on e-mail, Corion have gone the extra mile whilst we have been here in India with our son trying to get back to the UK. We also received in depth medical reports every month detailing the progress of our baby and the health of our surrogate.

Now our son is born, both Dr Kadam and Dr Joshi of the Corion continue to be very supportive by chasing or producing the documents we need for immigration. If you are from the UK, my main recommendation is get as much of the documentation you need for your baby’s passport prior to the baby being born to reduce your stay and accommodation costs in India. Please do hire experienced immigration lawyers both in the UK and in India that will work with each other and do so as early as possible."

May 2014
Mr & Mrs W
United Kingdom

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