Sunday, February 2, 2014

Documentary Followed Irish Couple To India After Their Decision To Try Surrogacy!!!

Fiona White and Sean Malone decided to travel across the world to find a surrogate mother who would carry their baby after fertility treatment at home proved unsuccessful.

A documentary called ‘Her Body, Our Babies’ followed the couple as they travelled to Mumbai to meet the surrogate mother and documents the birth of twins Donal and Ruby.
It was broadcast last night on RTE. Ray spoke to filmmaker and director Edel O’Brien. 



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    1. I tried to edit my comment but ended up deleting it. Basicly i just wanted to say the documentary did not go well in ireland due to selective reduction, surrogate accommodation and lack of follow up with Shoba afterwards. As IPs ourselves at a New Delhi clinic this show has caused us a lot of extra hassle due to anyone who watched it questioning us as to these issues.i think it was shown here now as the Irish government are passing a law soon to stop irish couples travelling to India for commercial surrogacy , this will be a sad day for us all.