Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From Spain !!!

Our history stars at the summer of  2010, we saw good references from spanish people about Corion Fertility Clinic and specially of the Dra Kadam.
We contact with her, and she takes a lot of time to explain  us the process and how much it could cost.
When we go first time to  Corion Fertility Clinic we talk with her and we come back to hotel really surprised with the gullibility and humanity of Dra Kadam.
Our first try ( with twins) failed at the second month of pregnancy, but the dra kadam phone us and told that at the second try she would do all for the success.
At second time we get a twin pregnacy again, and this time we get it, two wonderful babies called Alvaro and Maria.
The Hospital Hiranandani is one of the best of mumbai, and we really were surprised, becouse it seems like a European Hospital, and better that much of them.
The only problem was with the legal process, but Dra Kadam help us with that again.
We are really happy with the  Corion Fertility Clinic and all the people who ask us in Spain we recommend  it, if we have to do it again we will do it with the Dra kadam...