Friday, December 16, 2011

Proud Parents from Canada..

My wife and I have wanted and obviously tried to have a child for just over 15 years even using IVF two times without any success. 

We decided surrogacy was the next best option for us.  We contacted many different clinics in India.  Fortunately, Doctor Kadam responded quickly and positively to all of our questions which in my opinion was no small feat.

We are extremely grateful to Dr Kadam and her team for being so professional and understanding.  Finally our dream has come true after fifteen years!  We have a healthy three month old baby.  Personally, I must admit that we really appreciated receiving the monthly surrogate pregnancy and even ultra sound reports.

On a final positive note, we recommend Dr Kadam and her team to all couples who wish to have children.  We decided to write this note of appreciation to simply thank Dr. Kadam and her amazing team to hopefully help others that are in our plight.  From the bottom of our hearts my wife, my son who is a miracle and I wish to acknowledge the joy you have given to our entire family.